Variables Music



They told me I had to write down a bio. I’d rather talk about the record I’ve done. Three years ago, in summer, I was on the seaside in Portugal. In the same place, around 30 years before, my father wrote a poet, named after that beach: Odeceixe. In some way, unbounded from the rules of the cosmos, we were together. What was standing in between us was a subtle veil through which I felt like seeing him walking on the shore and, that veil, was time. I decided that the record I was going to write would’ve been dedicated to that force. Every drum of the album was born recording sounds from various objects on tape: wood, plastic bottles, keys and everything I came in contact with. Slowing down the tape, the result surprised me. Distorted synths, hyper-long reverbs, foreseeing the entrance of the voices, became pad, voices from another tempo became polyrythms.